Our Story


Rest in Peace to the Heavy Sauce Founder and Sauce Boss:

Justin Fusselman AKA "Juise"

December 2nd 1990 - October 2nd 2020

Juise was widely known for his creative & artistic abilities through tattooing, music, graffiti and art. He was the heart & soul of the Heavy Sauce brand, creating it with the ideology of always being "Dripped in the Sauce" and to keep it "SAUCY" worldwide.
Motivation, determination, and authenticity to your true being- was his goal. 
He was the owner of 10 Toes Down Tattoo in Prescott, Arizona. Through tattooing, & graffiti he found his creative passion believing art was a way to express oneself in the most unique and authentic way. He was known for inspiring many people to live in the moment, to never judge another person, and to always be the person you want to be; not what others expect you to be. He passionately wanted others to succeed and to be unapologetically themselves.
He fully lived for his 4 year old daughter and strived to teach her resilience, determination and to follow her dreams.
All of the logos, artwork and designs of the clothing line are from his artwork, tattoos, graffiti and personal ideas for the brand.
His daughters mother, KC has now made it her goal to continue to spread the love of The Heavy Sauce brand and make his vision and dreams of this brand come true, to keep his memory alive and to show their daughter that all dreams are forever possible.
Juice's legacy will continue to live on through his daughter and the Heavy Sauce brand. 
Today, tomorrow and forever.
All clothing collections are limited edition and new collections will be released periodically.